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Rural Development in Developing Countries

Rural Development in Developing Countries – Rural development is a social program that takes a lot of concerns on the rural areas. It helps to improve the quality of life and economic which especially isolated areas. The rural development also been centered on the agriculture and forestry that utilizes he natural resources.

The rural poor is the main concern on for this program, this is actually designed to improve the social life as well as economic condition. The strategy of rural development is extending the development to the poorest in the rural areas.

Rural Development in Developing Countries:


The Importance of Rural Development for Human

There are still so many countries in the world that need to be concerned. The poorest people in the rural areas could be main target for rural development program. This is actually an effort to solve poverty and underdevelopment.

The rural development is the process of independence development as well as increasing income for humans’ prosperity. The rural program is generally used to show the action to improve the living standard in the rural, non-urban, isolated areas. This is why the development is needed.

The rural development program generally concerns on various aspects such as; economic, environmental, agriculture, sociopolitical, cultural, and other aspects of rural life. These aspects belong to rural developments’ purpose that improving the life of humans to be more productive and effective.

The government in each country should take a lot of concern on the rural development program, this is really important to be implemented to the whole rural areas of the country.

The Aims of Rural Development in the Country

The goals of rural development belong to the objective of national development. That is developing the human’s life in the rural areas to be more productive and effective. The purpose of rural development are various aspects such as; economic objective, that increasing the productivity in the rural areas and reducing poverty as well.

The next purpose is social objective; this takes a concern on equitable welfare of rural places. And then the cultural objective, that is improving the quality of life in the rural areas.

The last purpose is the political objective; this is developing the participation through the rural communities in order to support the development programs and utilization of the development for future life. These purposes are designed to support the programs of rural development to be more effective.

The goals of these ideas should be applied clearly. The society and the governments need cooperation each other to realize the actions of rural development in the rural areas. The humans’ life should be priority.

Well, the rural development is a great strategy to develop human’s prosperity in all aspects. Concerning to the rural areas might be the most important point to implement this rural development idea. The purpose of rural development should be really applied in the country well.

Some areas in the countries of the worlds still need a lot of concerns. The rural native could be more productive by utilizing the natural resources, so the rural development strategy should be implemented in order to help them.

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