Appropriate Technology Examples for Developing Countries

Appropriate Technology Examples – The appropriate technology aims to improve the standard of living for human in the world; there is no condescension or environmental damage. It uses the natural resources as well as uses the materials that readily available and surely with low cost.

This takes a lot of concerns about the social, ethical aspects, cultural, and economic in the rural areas. The goal of appropriate technology is certainly to help humans to be more productive, and here are the appropriate technology examples!

1. Appropriate Technology in Agriculture

The easiest example in agriculture you can see from the discovery of a tractor to cultivate the agriculture’s land easily.

People a long time ago used a traditional method to work their agriculture, and now the appropriate technology comes to give new innovation in order to help the farmers to be easier when cultivating the lands with an easy tool that created technology as well as the tools in the villages.

This is a large machine to operate the lands by the farmer and this is easy to be used.

The Rice Thresher Machine

The Rice Thresher Machine

This tool aims to help the farmer dropped the rice without using the traditional method. If the ancestors might use their hand to drop the rice manually, it must need a lot of time to wait for the result. Using the rice thresher machine is more effective to drop the rice and work quickly.

This is one of the implementations of appropriate technology in agriculture that helps the farmers. The use of rice thresher machine is easier instead of using the traditional method. It will help everyone to drop the rice without tiring.

Hydraulic Ram

Hydraulic Ram

The other unique application from appropriate technology is the existence of hydraulic ram. This tool is really productive to give more benefit for the rural society. This kind of tool is an energy saving pump. It’s no electricity, no gasoline, and the most eco-friendly technologies.

The hydraulic ram works by using the water-energy that called a water hammer. And this is really suitable to apply in the mountains areas or hilly countryside. The use of hydraulic ram is really effective and efficient.

Hippo Roller

Appropriate Technology Examples

At first glance, the form of this tool is actually similar with a barrel that usually used to hold a plenty of water. And this right tool had been applied in some areas of Africa.

The Africans usually take water springs to their villages, and the use of hippo roller is really effective to help them taking water to their villages. The Hippo roller could hold water up to 90 liters, so it would be more helpful especially for women who always take the water and this is really energy efficient as well.

Well, these are the appropriate technology examples that had been applied in the several countries of the worlds. There are so many advantages to the use of appropriate technology.

It helps the humans to live their life perfectly. The goal is developing the humans’ life, you can see that the appropriate technology turns out to give more benefits for rural people and others.

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