Appropriate Technology Tools in the Health Sector

Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector – In theory, appropriate technology is equipment that is created in order to improve the quality of life of many people. Appropriate technology is synonymous with technology that is used according to their needs or appropriate.

There are also some individuals who say that appropriate technology is technology whose development is carried out traditionally in accordance with the surrounding environment.

Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector

The development of Appropriate Technology (TTG) has indeed developed in all areas of life, including in the health sector.

Lots of TTG have been developed and used in the health sector. What are the TTGs? Well, here are some of them:

Midwifery There are a lot of uses in the field of midwifery, including:

Breast Pump.

Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector

For those of you who are career women but have babies who are still babies, then make sure that your toddler continues to get regular breast milk intake. With a breast pump, you can ensure that your baby continues to consume breast milk.

Fetal Doppler.

Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector

If you are pregnant, then you are advised to have this tool. Besides being cheap, its use is quite easy. This tool is a tool that is often used to detect the fetal heartbeat in the uterus so that you can always monitor the health of your fetus.


Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector

This tool is actually a measure of height. The price is quite cheap and everyone can use it. You can use this tool at home to measure the development of children’s height.


Examples of Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector

This tool is also a measuring tool, but it is specifically for babies. If the staturmeter is also the measuring instrument, it must be used in a standing position and can be used by all ages.

Caliper or better known as this length meter is used to measure the length of the baby every time but in more detail so that the growth of the baby can be monitored.

Hammer or Patellar reflex.

This tool is a hitting tool that is somewhat similar to a hammer, but the outside is covered with a rubber material. This hammer is used to determine the nerve response of a sick limb, generally used on a sore leg or an accident.

Umbilical Cord Clem Nylon

This tool is a type of clamp that is often used in babies to clamp the umbilical cord when the baby is just born.

Appropriate Technology in the Health Sector – Environment
For the environmental health sector, there are a lot of appropriate technologies available, including:

IPAL (Wastewater Treatment Plant)

So that wastewater discharged into water bodies does not endanger the environment, the waste needs to be treated with IPAL (Wastewater Treatment Plant) technology.

To make a simple WWTP you can use algae or algae and decomposing bacteria. To make it, all you have to do is make a pond that is suitable for the waste capacity in a location that is exposed to lots of sunlight.

After that the waste only needs to be flowed into the pond. Give algae plants in the pond. If the pH and temperature of the pond are suitable, then decomposing bacteria will immediately develop to treat the waste.

Water Filter

For those of you who live on the riverbank, of course, you use river water for consumption. However, currently, most of the rivers in Indonesia are cloudy.

In order for it to be consumed again for cooking, washing, and so on, of course the water must be filtered first so as not to endanger the health of the body.

The method is quite simple. You only need to prepare a large drum and then add gravel rock, silica sand, zeolite sand, activated carbon, and the top layer is silica sand again. Then pour water into the drum to be filtered.

Well, that’s above a variety of appropriate technologies in the health sector, which of course have many benefits for people’s lives. Hopefully inspire.

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