Corporate video: 5 ways to capture your audience

Said to be institutional, corporate video has become the flagship content of corporate communication over the past ten years. First carried by social networks, it has gradually established itself in the marketing world to become more widespread.

Today, there are many formats: interview, motion design, scribing or interactive video, in short! So many ways to disseminate your image to your employees, but also to your customers. What type of video is, however, the most suitable for presenting a project? Of a product? Today we give you five ways to capture your audience according to your needs and your goals.

5 ways to capture your audience

The video in a real shooting

This is the simplest form. Be careful, however: simplicity is not synonymous with gross. Therefore, the content will be well and truly edited to make a corporate video of professional quality.

On the other hand, live video is a format devoid of any artifice. It often consists of presenting employees in their work environment, offering a quick tour of the premises or reporting on the holding of an event.

Its goal is to present the company in its most authentic version and to boost its image while establishing certain complicity with the audience. The key to success? The humanization of the teams that make up the company. Therefore, to be effective, this marketing video relies on the communication of a strong relational link between the employer and his employees.

In terms of implementation, it is nevertheless important to note that the actual shooting presents several constraints. These are essentially linked to the organization of the filming, for which it will be necessary to limit access to certain spaces. Likewise, be aware that it usually takes longer to deliver live-action videos.

The interview

The interview is now very popular in the recruitment community. And for a good reason: it constitutes an advantageous corporate video by associating the advantage of real shooting, humanization with the many assets.

These vary from one format to another. However, we will retain the diversity of scenarios under which this type of video can be conducted: humor, alternation between personal and professional questions, offbeat tone, etc. Beyond informing, the interview entertains. A godsend at a time when entertainment is rightly king! On this subject, TikTok’s explosion in recruiting is the best example.

In addition, this is the opportunity to give voice to your employees. The involvement of your teams is also essential to the success of this content. Give them absolute freedom of expression in their daily lives and their feelings. The result will be even more credible and relevant in the eyes of the audience!

Motion design

A major trend in social networks, motion design, is an animated video based on moving visuals. More prosaically, we create a succession of sequences alternating texts, drawings, photos, pictograms, graphics, numbers, etc. After which, various animations are integrated, a background sound and a voice-over, which are intended to give this film its biting rhythm.

The video motion design is generally used for pedagogical purposes and extension. Motion design offers vast narrative freedom, which can add a drastic reduction in production costs and delivery times.

One downside, however: motion design cannot be used in just any sauce. As mentioned above, its playful and dynamic nature is particularly conducive to the development of explanatory content, as part of training or presenting a product and/or a service. Conversely, it is less relevant when it comes to introducing your premises or your teams, for example.

Explanatory video

Known as explanatory cartoon video, It is based on the principle of famous storytelling. In other words, it is meant to tell a story through the medium of drawing. The video content is thus presented in the form of a drawing or a series of drawings. Most often, this sequencing is supported by the narrative of a voiceover.

Like motion design, explanatory video is a suitable video format for learning and popularizing complex subjects. Its strengths: the playfulness of the design and the concise character that results from its use. Likewise, this type of film is more and more appreciated in terms of internal communication because it allows companies to offer informative content that again looks like entertainment. In addition, explanatory video generally uses cartoon illustrators’ services, who can adapt their drawings to your own graphic charter!

Interactive video

Interactive video can adopt the allure of each of the formats as mentioned earlier because its particularity lies essentially in its video editing. In this case, the interactive video is seen here enriched with secondary content. To put it simply, “bonuses” are included throughout the video serving as a common thread. Bonuses whose access is fully interactive: the spectator can access them at any time by clicking on pictograms appearing during the viewing.

A great help in dealing with complex subjects, this presentation is also a real catalyst for attention. By developing the viewer into an actor, interactive video is proving to be an exciting tool in the context of distance training. So many reasons to think about it when developing e-learning modules.


To stand out in the use of corporate video, companies and web agencies have found themselves obliged to be creative. Today we have listed the five ways to capture your audience according to your needs and your goals. Now you can get started to make a corporate video to boost your business!

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