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A Simple Example Of Appropriate Technology In The Countryside - dindasupriatna.com

A Simple Example Of Appropriate Technology In The Countryside

Example Of Appropriate Technology – Appropriate technology in rural areas – will benefit when in accordance with the livelihood of most people in the countryside. Because the appropriate technology is present because it is central to solving problems experienced.

If in accordance with the problems faced by most of the masyarat in the area then the existence of such technology will bring convenience and profits doubled. So the effect on the economy of most rural communities. That is why appropriate technology must correspond to people’s livelihoods. Whether the farm, Ranch, business or other.


10 Example Of appropriate technology Tools used items and easy to make Technology for Agriculture

If you want to apply a simple appropriate technology in rural areas should indeed correspond to the livelihood of most of the residents in the area. Thus the technology will actually provide the benefits. For example, for a community with an agricultural livelihood, namely:

  1. The discovery technology to cultivate farmland. Starting from to beg then there’s plow rice fields with the help of farm animals to appear modest tractor-driven human power to tractor with the machine.
  2. The presence of organic fertilizer diffuser machine helps spread the manure more quickly and evenly.
  3. Machines for rice paddy or eroded. First, the rice paddy or eroded community by way of getting hit. In addition to great risk, require a lot of rice were destroyed so that the rice yield insufficient. Then comes the growing padi perontok engine speed and improve the quality of the rice harvest.
  4. Machine for memipil corn. The corn has been harvested are usually dried. Once dry there is direct sale without dipipil but dipipil in advance. Pemipilan with manpower, the result is necessarily limited, due to the memipil of corn is not easy. The hands in particular parts of the finger will be quickly exhausted. The use of the engine accelerating efforts of pemipilan corn.
  5. Machines for making extracts the oil from the seeds. Sometimes the selling price of grains sort of Sesame, soy, nuts, distance is not high.
  6. However, when it became an oil or extract, the price is unusually high. That is why the existence of machinery for making extracts the oil from the seeds that will be able to increase the income of farmers.

Technology for your farm

What if I have a job as a breeder? There are so many technologies that simplify and increase the income of the farmers. For example, the presence of the machine to incubate the eggs. Ranging from chicken eggs, duck eggs, menthok and others. The existence of these machines accelerate the process of poultry breed developers.

Then the existence of the milking machine on dairy cows also further improve the result of fresh milk from the dairy farmers. There are still many types of technologies that help farmers to develop the work done. Consequently, the quantity of animals is also increasing. This means that any income is growing.

Technology for small business

In the countryside there is so much effort being developed. For example, making business venture selling cashew nuts good raw or cooked, and others. Making business tempe be facilitated by the presence of technology is to peel the skin from the soybean. So when making tempe, at the stage of exfoliation ari soy need not be trampled.

The cleanliness of any production results tempe. Similarly, when have a business selling cashew nuts. To peel nuts require a special technique so that the seeds of the cashew is not much was destroyed. In addition the SAP is also not about the hand. The existence of a machine to peel nuts automatically really be the way out of these difficulties.

Cashew nuts ever higher quality and more. Origin in accordance with the livelihood of the people around then a simple appropriate technology in rural areas will provide many benefits and easily accepted by the society.

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