Examples of Profitable MSME Businesses.

Example of an UMKM Business – Business does not always require large capital and extra preparation, because there are also small businesses that can be run.

There are several profitable MSMEs with small or commensurate capital and get satisfactory results. The following list of MSMEs can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Online Bill Payment

Example of an UMKM Business

Maybe many people forget to pay bills such as PDAM, electricity, internet and so on because of their daily activities. From here you can see opportunities to open an online bill payment business at home.

This is very suitable for those who have a laptop or computer and internet network but are rarely used. This business will be crowded when approaching the last day of payment because most people forget and are lazy to queue.

The results obtained are fairly good because they come from the administration for each bill that is paid. So that this business can be known to many people, it can be done by placing a banner in front of the house.

Women’s Accessories

Women are generally synonymous with cute items that are used everyday, especially for those who wear hijab. One of the accessories that is often used is a brooch.

Opportunities to open profitable MSMEs can be exploited by making various brooches. For example here various brooches in the form of fruits, flowers and so on.

It’s different for those who don’t wear hijab, they also often use accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hair clips and the like. The way to get these items is to find a trusted reseller at affordable prices or make your own.

Thus, the capital issued will be proportional to the results received later.

Credit Agent

Small business that can be done next is by becoming a credit agent. Some things that need to be considered are to first look at the opportunity to buy pulses in the surrounding area.

If the demand is high, it is possible for these MSMEs to get decent results. On the other hand, try to focus on some of the network providers that are used in that environment.

For example, in that area the dominant users are Telkomsel and Indosat providers, then buy credit for the network operator. This business is very suitable for students to do even to add pocket money or save money.

Various Souvenirs

For those who have expertise in making souvenirs such as pillows in various shapes or the like can open this business. For the first time, try to make a few samples of the product you want to market.

Make it as attractive as possible and different from what is already on the market. With the characteristics you have, of course, can be your own branding value and make people interested.

These profitable MSMEs require new creativity and innovation for each product to be sold. Therefore, as much as possible can set a selling price that is in accordance with the business that has been done.

Various snacks for children

There are lots of inspirations and also innovations to make various snacks that are of interest to children and adults. An example here is a business of rolled egg snacks and various frozen ready-to-eat food.

The capital required is also not too large because it only requires frying equipment and a container for the food. This UMKM can be done at home by making a small stand in front of the house to attract children’s attention.

It can also be done by getting around from one place to another, but this costs more. It is recommended to apply it from home first and market it through social media or colleagues.

Simple Catering

It cannot be denied that now there are a lot of people who make businesses from home. One example here is home catering at pocket-friendly prices.

Home catering is not only about heavy meals, but can also make snack boxes for certain events. As a starting point for starting MSMEs, start by making food samples and doing marketing in the surrounding environment.

Marketing can also be done through social media which can reach more audiences. Even though it’s home catering, don’t be too low in determining the selling price.

There are many more profitable MSMEs that can be carried out by various ages regardless of gender. Basically, every UMKM can grow bigger if it is accompanied by intention and effort.

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