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How to Make a Simple Onion Slicer

How to Make an Onion Slicer – When you want to make delicious dishes, of course you will use complete spices to make your dishes. one type of spice that is most often used is onions.

But of course you want how to be able to slice an onion quickly but with a simple tool. One way is by using appropriate technology in the form of a simple onion slicer.

And in this article, we will present how to make a simple onion slicer, along with the review.

How to Make a Simple Onion Slicer

Ingredients: Cigarette tin, Cutter, plywood, hot glue gun

Ways of making :

  • Make a rectangular hole pattern on the lid of the used cigarette can using a marker.
  • Then make a hole using a knife.
  • Prepare 2 rectangular plywood pieces with a size of 10 cm and place them on the outside of the lid. Then draw a circular pattern like this:
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  • Next, cut the plywood following the pattern and flatten it until the wood can be masked on the inside of the tin.
  • Draw a pattern of lines on the inside of the plywood to place the cutting knife.
  • Then slice the line pattern but don’t cut the wood. Enough until the cutter can enter the pattern as shown below. You can adjust the distance between the lines according to the thickness of the onion you want to cut.
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Break the cutter part using pliers. Adjust the size of the cutter with the size of the cigarette lid that you have prepared.

Install the cutter into the hole in the line of the plywood. Associate it with other wooden parts as shown below. In this process, you have to be careful not to get cut by the cutter, if necessary you can use cloth gloves to protect your fingers.

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  • Do this until all the lines have been filled with the cutter.
  • Put the wood and cutter into the cigarette can lid then glue it with hot glue.
  • Position the sharp cutter side at the top of the lid.
  • A simple onion slicer can be used.

The way to use it is to place the lid on the tin with the cutter on the other side of the can. Place the onion on a flat mat and then press the onion down using the top can.

The sliced ​​onions will automatically enter the inside of the can. How ? easy to make and very useful right? Good luck !

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