What is Renewable Energy? Definition and Types

Not all people understand what is renewable energy? And how it works? Well, let’s discuss it! Renewable energy is an energy that sourced from nature and it continues to be produced without waiting for a long time like thousands of years, it doesn’t like fossil-based energy. The natural resources are taken from the sun, wind, air, and other biomass’ types. Those sources of energy couldn’t deplete and continue to be renewed. This method has been spreading to many countries in the world as an alternative way.

The renewable energy is an alternative way due to the increase in energy demand along the increase of population in the countries. There are so many causes that make the limited public access to energy. In addition, the discrepancy of income supports to the complexity of problems in the energy sector. It is a great idea to improve the prosperity of the countries to be more useful and eco-friendly as well. The method of renewable energy has been practiced in many countries in the worlds.


Renewable Energy Types: Bioenergy

This is one of the forms of renewable energy that called as bioenergy. It is produced from the organic matter (biomass), either to use for electricity or to process liquid fuels that used for transportation like bioaftur, bioethanol, biodiesel and other. Biomass is actually an organic matter comes from plants like woods, agricultural waste, and others, it also comes from animals or microorganisms like bacteria, mold or microalgae. Well, there are a lot of benefits from optimization of bioenergy production to a country.

Which one of the benefit could be found that is the reduced of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Bioenergy is the most widely used in the world as an alternative way of renewable energy. Mostly use this solution as cooking or thermal energy for heating. The energy biomass could be converted into biofuels, heat or electricity. This is so useful for people in the worlds. Though, there are still several countries haven’t implemented yet the bioenergy as a solution of today’s life. It must be soon practiced!

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal is known as the energy that formed of heat in the bowel of Earth.  The heat comes from the core of the Earth which has the high temperature about more than 5000 degrees Celsius. To utilize the geothermal energy it could use the circulation of water from the rocks where the sources of geothermal located. The water vapor is used to move the turbine until the electricity is finally produced. There are some places in each country that has geothermal potential. So it can be a great method for this way.

Nowadays, the use of renewable energy is more widely applied in order to produce electricity. The electricity is the main need and crucial for humans as a lighting and driving the industries. Since the ideas of renewable energy in the world existed, people could be more productive to use a great way for their needs. This is an alternative method that has been implementing in the world. There are so many advantages to the use of renewable energy methods for life solution.

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