The Latest Free Mobile Legend Skin Application

Mobile Legend Skin Application – One of the highlights of the Mobile Legend game is that the skin of each character is different and has its own advantages.

Generally, to get this skin, users must collect coins or buy gems. The process of getting it does take a long time, but now there is a free Mobile Legend skin application.

Skin Mobile Legend application

By using several applications that will be discussed afterwards, the user can open the desired skin. Even in this Mobile Legend skin application there is a possibility to open all skins without exception. Thus users don’t have to bother collecting coins or buying gems.

Lulubox – Free Mod Game


The first application is Lulubox – Free Mod Game which can be downloaded outside of Google Play because it has been provided by well-known websites.

Lulubox allows users to open all skins that haven’t been opened before and are suitable for people who are just playing Mobile Legend. Here’s how to use it:

Download and install the application first by searching on search engines.
Open Lulubox, the user will be shown several game mod options available. Choose for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang because that is the goal.

This option will automatically direct the user to download the Infinite Skins Mode plugin. Wait until the process is complete and activate the feature.

Also activate 2 functions, the first is Game Speed ​​Up which functions to speed up the game’s storyline. Second is the Switch to New Alt Gaming Account which functions to create a new account to activate this ML cheat.

Select Play and the user will be directed to create a new ML character to play using the cheat earlier.

Complete the next tutorial and wait for the process to finish. When the process is complete, the user can check the skin on the Skins Hero menu.IMLS


Like Lulubox, IMLS is a free Mobile Legend skin application that users can use to unlock all ML skins. This cheat application has been updated to version 1.8.6 and users can use skins from Elite, Epic to Legendary. Here’s how to use IMLS to unlock all ML skins:

  • Download the IMLS APK first by looking for it on search engines.
  • Do the installation as usual and wait for the process to complete.
  • Open the IMLS application and click the Play Now menu.
  • Wait until the application processes it and it will automatically direct you to open the Mobile Legend application.
  • After Mobile Legend has successfully loaded and entered the user account, try to check the existing skin. Usually, all the characters will be opened immediately and are ready to be used to play.
  • Unlock All Skin Mobile Legend With ZArchiver


Slightly different from the 2 applications discussed earlier, there is another way to be able to unlock all ML skins, namely by using ZArchiver.

It can be said that this method is a manual way and it takes quite a while to do it. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the Skin Mobile Legend script first then install ZArchiver.
  • Open the ZArchiver application, then open the file and look for the Skin Mobile Legend script zip file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Select Extract Here and wait for the extract to complete.
  • After the process is complete, there will be 3 main files that will later be able to open all ML skins.
  • Select and copy the 3 files and paste them in the ML directory.
  • Before starting to play Mobile Legend, try to clear the cache first and then launch the game again.

If you have entered the game, try to see if the skin is completely open or not. If you have done the above method correctly, generally the skin will be completely open.

Risks of Using the Free Mobile Legend Skin Application

Maybe someone is wondering whether the use of the skin application above is safe from being banned? So the answer cannot guarantee the security of the user’s Mobile Legend account that is used in conjunction with the application.

At first the game will take place as usual and the system has not detected any game cheating from the user. However, over time the system will detect cheating by one of the users.

If the system knows about this, most likely what will happen is the user’s Mobile Legend account will be banned. No matter what level and rank the account is, it will still be banned.

Using the free Mobile Legend skin application above is indeed beneficial in terms of game users, but detrimental for developers. Moreover, the use of the skin application above is prone to being banned from application developers.

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